Nord Alley Transformed into Tour d’Alley

Washington Bikes, Alley Network Project, and a host of other groups brought Tour de France to Pioneer Square this year.

For two weeks, we set up a big screen, chairs, and an information table and invited the public to join us in watching the Tour de France in Nord Alley.  We transformed our alley into vibrant public space.

People took us up on it and turned out daily to watch this elite event.  The mountain stages were especially popular.  We were joined by tour enthusiasts, our Pioneer Square neighbors looking for a lunchtime activity, and curious passersby.

Coffee and snacks were provided daily and many arrived with their lunch.  One afternoon, we even served up hotdogs and sausages on the grill!

The 2012 Tour de France is over and Bradley Wiggins made history by becoming the first British champion of this event.  You can read the account from Cycling News.

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