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Show Your Bike Pride and Make Our Streets Feel Bike-Friendly!

Buy a “Share The Road” License Plate, Get a Free One-Year Membership**

Your Share the Road specialty license plate supports safety education statewide to help people cooperate in safe interactions as they bike, drive, and walk.

Washington state bike laws -- request your pocket guide from Washington Bikes**Free Membership Offer with purchase of Share the Road plate is limited to First-Time Member/Supporter who is new to WA Bikes. Tell us your new Share the Road license plate number in order to confirm purchase. With your new-member welcome packet you’ll receive our pocket guide to Washington state bike laws, one of the pieces produced with funding from the Share the Road license plate. 

How to Purchase a Washington “Share the Road” License Plate

1. You’ll need the following information to complete your application online with the Dept. of Licensing:

Costs: $72.75 for cars/trucks, $54.75 for motorcycles, and $60.75 for trailers.

Your new permanent Share the Road plates arrive via U.S. mail in 2-3 weeks.

Additional Benefits of “Share the Road” license plate purchase

Personalize your Share the Road Plate

Washington state Share the Road license plate supports bicycle safety education

If you carry bikes on your car with a rack, carry them on your license plate too. Washington Bikes: Even the cars say so!

Already have a Share the Road license plate? Now you can personalize your plate instead of just being a number. To find out what you can put on your plate and how to get it, check out the Department of Licensing FAQ page.


Still have questions? Check out the Frequently Asked Questions or contact Washington Bikes,

We Love Pictures!

Send us a photo of your Share the Road license plate, tag #WAbikes if you share it via Instagram, and tag @WAbikes if you share it on Twitter. Your plate could grace a brochure, presentation, or Web page.

Safety and Education Programs Supported by Share the Road License Plate Revenue

Your tax-deductible donation — $28 of every license plate purchase or renewal — supports our safety and education programs, outreach at community events, and educational materials.

These revenues have helped to fund:

  1. Curriculum development for statewide driver’s education testing programs, used both by Department of Licensing (DOL) and Office of Public Instruction (OSPI), to ensure all new drivers are educated about how to share the road with bicyclists and pedestrians. Both bicyclist and pedestrian-related issues are addressed in the 16 test questions that make up a part of the driver’s exam. Each year hundreds of thousands of applicants complete the test.
  2. Driver’s education materials used for drivers taking remedial driver training due to a traffic infraction.
  3. Creation and distribution of educational DVDs, a slideshow, and pamphlets and magnets detailing Rules of the Road for bicyclists, pedestrians, motorists, and shared-use trails.
  4. Safety and education instruction offered by Washington Bikes staff at schools, businesses and communities around the state.
  5. A pocket guide to Washington bike laws — thousands have been distributed through bike shops, events, and clubs and through workplaces and schools. (Fill out the form below to request.)
  6. A “Drive aware” brochure with safety tips for drivers to help them understand how to interact more safely with people on bikes. (Fill out the form below to request. For quantity orders email

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