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Barb joined Washington Bikes as executive director Aug. 1, 2012. Her bike advocacy work started in Spokane thanks to the Bicycle Alliance, which served as the initial fiscal home for Bike to Work Spokane (now Spokane Bikes), founded by Barb in late 2007. She has served on a variety of boards and committees in transportation, public policy, and health, and directed external relations at WSU Spokane for 14-1/2 years before coming to the Bicycle Alliance. Barb's personal bike blog can be found at She's not sure whether her upright "Mary Poppins" bike, a Specialized Globe Daily 2 from Gregg's Cycles in Seattle, has a name, but if it does, it may be Alice, for no apparent reason; her road bike, a Specialized Dolce from Wheel Sport Central in Spokane, may possibly be named Sweetie for a reason obvious to those who, like Barb, took a couple of years of French. Barb's husband Eric Abbott trains and races with UBC/; his bikes definitely do not have names. Barb's older daughter Kate has a bright orange Brooklyn Bike from MonkeyBoy Bicycles in Spokane named Felicia.

30 Days of Biking, Day 22: Habits

When I started riding my bike to work I did so only on the days […]

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30 Days of Biking, Day 21: Aches

Okay, so, aches. I get it — not the most positive word I could choose. Sufficient […]

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30 Days of Biking, Day 20: Purpose

The past few days have included some noodling-around rides to find magic and enjoy a […]

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30 Days of Biking, Day 19: Cookies

Today passed quickly, with lots of rain interrupted now and again by a brief bit […]

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30 Days of Biking, Day 18: Sunshine

Maybe I’m not supposed to tell because there’s a big secret community strategy to keep […]

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30 Days of Biking, Day 17: Magic

Today’s word was supposed to be rain. Or fenders. Or flaps (I have a spiffy […]

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30 Days of Biking, Day 16: Blogs

Too meta, perhaps? A blog post about blogs, after all…. But as I wheeled down […]

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30 Days of Biking, Day 15: Taxes

Obvious connection, right? Federal income tax due date and bicycling. Perhaps not, if you don’t […]

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30 Days of Biking, Day 14: Driving

What?! Yep. Driving. Working in bike advocacy, especially in a statewide organization, involves a fair […]

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30 Days of Biking, Day 13: Sounds

The first sound I heard in today’s biking went something like “ksh-ksh-ksh.” This turned out […]

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