2019 Endorsement Process 

Thank you for seeking endorsement from Washington Bikes!

The Washington Bikes endorsement speaks to thousands of engaged Washingtonians statewide who care about a range of issues. From wanting more connected trails, to safer neighborhood streets, to more opportunities for physical activity, Washingtonians are looking for leaders who will advance these priorities.

For key endorsed campaigns:

In 2019, Washington Bikes will make endorsement recommendations in the general election. Following the August 6 primary election, an endorsement questionnaire will be sent to candidates via email. If interested in seeking Washington Bikes’ endorsement, please leave your contact information below:

An endorsement interview will only be scheduled if Washington Bikes determines further information or clarification is needed following submission of the questionnaire.

Washington Bikes endorsement policy

All recommendations for endorsement are based on five factors:  

  1. Positions are based on the written questionnaire or in-person interview.
  2. Issue Record is based on the candidate having a record of support or opposition to our interests.
  3. Approachability is based on whether the candidate expressed a willingness to work on safety, health and economic development issues germane to bicycling. Did the candidate demonstrate an openness and willingness to engage and are they approachable/accessible?
  4. Viability is an evaluation of electability, based on whether the candidate has a legitimate opponent, fundraising and organizing capacity, and endorsements.
  5. Experience is based on the candidate’s reputation and leadership positions within the community, years of elected service or requisite experience to succeed in public office.

Washington Bikes’ Board of Directors has sole discretion in endorsing a candidate or ballot measure. Their decision is based on multiple factors, including but not limited to:

For more information

For additional information or questions, please contact Alex Alston at alexa@wabikes.org.