Top 10 Reasons to make a year-end donation to the Bicycle Alliance

(Thanks to Development Director JoAnn Yoshimoto for compiling this list!)
10. We help to educate every new generation of motorists by ensuring that traffic safety education courses include information on safely sharing the road with bicyclists and pedestrians.
9. We have a seat at the table of the 2008-2027 Washington State Bicycle Facilities and Pedestrian Walkways Plan, and we continue to monitor its progress.
8. We developed and actively promote the Share the Road specialty license plate to raise awareness of bicycling and support safety education.
7. We are working in 2011-2012 to introduce Safe Routes to School bicycling and pedestrian education in 35 school districts throughout Washington. Thousands of school-age children will learn safe bicycling skills.
6. In 2011 we will propose a change for lowering speed limits in designated areas because we believe that saving lives is more important than saving a few minutes.
5. In the upcoming legislative session we will work for passage of the Mutual Courtesy and Safe Passing Act to clarify mutual responsibilities, define the minimum safe distance, help bicyclists and motorists to be better informed, reduce collisions and conflicts.
4. We will work to pass the Active Community Transportation Act to create a grant program for communities to build biking and walking networks.
3. We work tirelessly to make roads and trails safer and more enjoyable for you all across Washington.
2. We wisely and prudently utilize your generous financial support to advance and pass laws that protect cyclists!
1.      A strong and effective Washington Bikes to better serve you and your loved ones in 2011 and beyond.

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Thanks for supporting a bicycle-friendly Washington!
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